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lilting adj : characterized by a buoyant rhythm; "an easy lilting stride"; "the flute broke into a light lilting air"; "a swinging pace"; "a graceful swingy walk"; "a tripping singing measure" [syn: swinging, swingy, tripping]

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  1. Having a lilt. With energy, spirit and sprightliness. Lively and cheerful.

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  1. Type of lively singing without any musical accompaniment, where the tune itself is sung.
    • Year, Anthology of Music and Dance of the Americas, The JVC/Smithsonian Folkways, Vol 1, Canada and the United States: Secular Traditions.,
      Especially welcome in this survey are two examples of turlute, or lilting. In communities where musical instruments were not available, turlute was a common dance accompaniment. The popularity and availability of musical instruments has made lilting a rare art.

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  1. present participle of lilt

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Lilting is a form of traditional celtic singing common in the Gaelic speaking areas of Ireland, and in some ways resembles scat singing and is called puirt a beul in Scottish Gaelic.
For list of All-Ireland lilting champions see here: Lilting champions
Lilting also known as Celtic Mouth Music (puirt-a-beul), diddling, jigging, chin music or cheek music.).Article on Gaelic puirt-a-beul (mouth music)
In lilting lyrics written primarily for dancing to and of secondary importance behind the rhythm and tone in the song.Seamus Fay, Cavan's lilter
The lyrics in lilting are often meaningless or nonsensical. Many Gaelic singers therefore do not believe in publishing translations of lilting. The origins of lilting or puirt are unclear and may have resulted from the banning of native instruments.

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